What do I need to bring: All you need to bring is lunch and beverages for the day. Wear comfortable clothes, and shoes that won't be slippery on the boat. Polarized sunglasses, hat and suntan lotion are suggested. Remember on hot days on the water, you need more to drink than normal. We supply the fishing tackle, bait, ice and coolers.

Payment: You can pay in cash, credit card, or check. A $300 deposit or credit card authorization is required when you book. It is appropriate to tip the mate for his efforts to make your trip a success. The typical tip is a percentage of the trip... similar to the tip in a restaurant 15%-20%.

Cancellations: All trips are "weather permitting." The captain will not jeopardize your safety or comfort. If we cancel because of weather, your deposit will be refunded or we'll try to schedule you another time. If you cancel within a week of the trip, you will lose your $300 deposit unless we are able to find another charter for that day. Often we do have a waiting list of folks waiting for an opening. Always call the captain if you have any scheduling concerns. He'll do everything he can to accomodate your needs.

Your fish: There is no better meal than some of the fresh-caught fish. Many of the local restaurants will cook your catch for you... and they do a superb job. You catch them. We clean them. You keep them. If you catch more than you need, your crew would love to keep your excess fish. It helps keep our charter rates as affordable as possible even when we have to pay sky high prices for gas. All billfish are released, along with tarpon. There will be opportunities to get some great photos to remind you of the fish you released. There are limits on some species, both size and quantity. Some fish are off limit during certain times of the year and must be released.

Weather: Weather in the Keys differs greatly from the weather elsewhere on the weather map. Clouds rarely collect over the Keys as it does over the larger land masses. Rainstorms are usually brief and we can almost always find a way to avoid them out on the water. Wind can be another issue. The captain will be in touch with you if your charter plans need to be changed. Remember, fishing can be great when the weather is not.